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The Science of Addiction

Dr. Drew explaining the nature of drug addiction in simple terms.

HBO The Science of Relapse
More science on relapse. A little dry at first, but worth the listen.

On the Heroin Epidemic In Kentucky
If you haven't seen this PSA published by the state, it's worth not only a view, but several shares.

Craig Ferguson: Life As A Recovering Alcoholic
Very funny and poignant. Essentially, he gives his Lead. Powerful.

The Pathology of Addiction

A terrific illustration of one of the central dynamics behind the biology of addiction and what it looks like in the brain.

Neurochemistry of Relapse & Recovery DVD
Helpful for understanding the bio-psycho-social dynamics behind relapse.

Meth Inside Out: Brain & Behavior - Triggers
Addicts talking about relapse triggers and how to deal with them.

XANAX - More Addictive Than Heroin

Heroin Overdose and the drug that can save you

Heroin Kills


Great Leaders Do What Drug Addicts Do