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At first I was court ordered to see Nick for a certain amount of classes or do a certain amount of group classes and after trying both I decided I would rather pay the extra cost and meet with Nick for 1 on 1 sessions. I didn't want to be there and would try to miss all the time and so on but Nick made it very clear what my actions would cost me and wasn't mean but was very blunt and to be honest that's exactly what I needed. So I finally button down and saw him weekly while going to meetings on the side, my life started to do something I never thought it would!! It got better!! Court started going better, my marriage was getting better and just my life in general got better... now I'm no longer court appointed to see him and even though I've kept my life on track and have my own business and doing great I still feel something is missing and am going to do whatever I can to get back to seeing him.. I guess I've thought I could handle everything and stopped going and now see I was wrong lol. But Nick and the rest of the staff are amazing and have helped me more then I can ever say!!

David Waters is a great person to seek if your looking to devert from a bumpy road in life, individually or as a family, 6 stars if I could ...

I recently was apart of David Waters Sobriety group in Georgetown, KY. Not only didIi meet a lot of awesome people but I learned some things about my self. I learned I had to talk and reach out for help from others that are sober and living a sober life. Also I learned that the 12 steps work if you work them I am still learning how to work them and I will eventually learn how to work them and live a sober life myself. I want to thank David and Tiffany for helping me deal with my addiction and give me the tools to help my self. I will be returning on my own to David and Tiffany's class (with out being made to) so i can learn more and be around loving and caring people. Also if your lost or have an addiction and need help I would have to say Crossroads counseling (David Waters) is the BEST class you need to attend and will get a lot of positive results. Thank you David and Tiffany for listening to me and showing me there is people out there that do care and want to help those with addiction and thank you so very much for being a good counselor and friend. Love you all so very much and you will always be in my heart and thoughts.

I recommend David to my clients almost every day. He does a great job!

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