What to expect on your first visit

Many people come to us for assessments. We provide the following assessments: Mental Health and Psycho-Social; Anger Management; Substance Abuse; Domestic Violence (either Perpetrator or Victim ); and Parenting. We also offer assessments for the Kentucky Board of Nursing and the Kentucky Board of Pharmacology.

The process includes an initial interview with one of our clinical staff, which typically lasts from 30-minutes to an hour. At this time Releases are signed by the client to allow for communication with the referring agency, and/or any other relevant persons who can support the assessment process with case history and background information. We can also provide self-referred assessments if no referring agency is relevant, however the assessment report will reflect that the assessment is a self-report. (Due to Confidentiality laws, no communication may take place without the client’s written consent, or Release.) After the follow-up is done with the other parties, the client is contacted again to discuss the information and develop a treatment plan. From the time the initial interview is collected to the time the assessment report is finished typically takes around two to three weeks. If you have any questions about the progress of your assessment, you can always feel free to contact our office for assistance/information.

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Not all assessments result in treatment plans. Many people who come for assessments are found not to have issues significant enough to require treatment. At Crossroads we are not looking to create treatment plans for everyone who comes to us for an assessment. Just because someone suggests you have an issue doesn’t mean you have an issue. That is the point of the assessment process. The assessment clinician can offer referrals and additional supports to meet your needs. It is not uncommon to find that you may benefit from additional supports beyond the scope of what your assessment covers. Feel free to discuss any concerns with your clinician and ask questions.


With that said, however, two of the assessments we do typically do tend to result in additional treatment. These include: Parenting, and Domestic Violence (Perpetrator). It is hard to prove that someone is a good enough parent when allegations of abuse or neglect are present. Parenting education is something that everyone can benefit from, and virtually no one is willing to “sign-off” on someone with allegations. If a parenting assessment is required, it is virtually always going to result in a recommendation for classes. Parenting education classes are offered for free through the Nest in Lexington. The same goes for domestic violence. If a Court of Law has determined that domestic violence has occurred, then it is almost a certainty that the 28-week Batterer’s Intervention Program ( BIP), is going to be recommended.

Regardless of the outcome of your assessment, we will give you our full support and attention, and work with you in a straightforward manner to resolve your current clinical needs.

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